Full sandwiches cut into 3 pieces. Six sandwich minimum.

Curried chicken salad $11

With red onion, celery, granny smith apple, greens and tomato slices on golden raisin-fennel-semolina bread

Hummus $11

With greens and tomato on whole wheat bread

Lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast $11

With slices of granny smith apple, greens and herbed goat cheese on seven-grain bread

Smoked salmon $13

Served open-faced with a light lemon-dill butter on pumpernickel bread

Albacore tuna $11

With capers, cornichons, and shallots in a whole-grain mustard
vinaigrette on seven-grain bread

Black forest ham and gruyere $11

With whole-grain mustard, mayonnaise and greens on golden raisin-fennel-semolina bread

Chopped tea-egg salad $11

Made with eggs that have been bathed in our Maté Carnival tea; with watercress and mayonnaise on seven-grain bread

Cucumber and watercress $11

With lemon-chive butter on whole wheat bread